Welcome to SheelApps.com

Over the years I have used so many free software products and frameworks. Now it is time to give back to the community.
Here you will find good quality, genuinely free software which has been checked and rated - programs I use and ones which you will want to use too.
- Sheel Khanna (sheel @ sheelapps dot com)

- PDFTools - DB Explorer - SWTML - S3B2 - SmartDoc - WebBlocks - cloudCMS - T9Z9.com


PDFTools is a PDF management application.
It can encrypt, decrypt, join, split, stamp, create and rearrange a PDF file. Version 1.1+ includes a very powerful and simple to use XML to PDF converter.

DB Explorer

DB Explorer is an easy-to-use application that lets you manage any JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) compliant database. It provides connectivity to wide-range of SQL databases through their JDBC drivers. This makes it completely different from other single database centric applications. Features like simple tabbed-interface to run SQLs query, Schema-Browser, multiple database connections in a session and powerful CSV export/import makes it perfect tool to manage any database.


SWTML (SWT Markup Language) is XML driven GUI building Java library for SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit).


S3B2 (S3 Backup and Browser) is Amazon's S3(Simple Storage Service) based backup tool. Upload your important files to S3 storage server and access it from anywhere using S3B2 tool.
S3B2 is not only backup tool but a platform on which custom plugins can be developed.


SmartDoc is an outline based document creation and publishing tool. It is designed to make structured, understandable documents easily and quickly. SmartDoc can be useful for story writing, FAQ creation, novel planning, speech-writing, manual writing, software support, biographies, and lesson planning.


WebBlocks is a PHP based web content management system to build dynamic websites. It is a based on WiKi concept but each page content can be smarty template, pure HTML or BBCode.


cloudCMS is a Java based web content management system designed to run on Google's App platform. It is a based on WiKi concept but each page content can be Freemarker template, pure HTML or BBCode.

T9Z9.com - Web Based Clipboard

T9Z9.com allows Users to create clip with images and formatted texts and associate them with a unique short URL to create online access to the clip for themselves and others.