S3B2 (S3 backup and browser) Tool

S3B2 is Amazon's S3(Simple Storage Service) based backup tool. Upload your important files to S3 storage server and access it from anywhere using S3B2.
S3B2 is not only backup tool but a platform on which custom plugins can be developed.


S3B2 requires JRE 1.5+ to run.

S3B2 Java Library Edition

S3B2 Java Library edition allows you to use S3B2 in your Java application.

Extension API

S3B2 supports extension API to add custom application on top of S3B2 tool. More information coming soon..


Download the 1.0 beta version S3B2-Setup-1.0b.exe.


Signup to Amazon's S3 and download this tool to start upload/download files and folder. More help Coming soon...