DBExplorer's custom output using SWTML 

In DBExplorer, the default output for SQL result is built-in table. Now you can specify a custom output using SWTML. This gives you flexibility to create a report-style layout. Since release 2.0.3 this is now supported at Tab level. So for each Tab you can define different output format.

How To use custom layout: 

Structure of SWTML-XML : 

<label text="Page ID" />

<text  id="page_id" style="SWT.BORDER" />

The Text's "id" attribute should be same as table-column name.

SWTML has in-built event listener for record navigation





You can use any SWT widget to invoke above events (Button, Tool-Item, Menu-Item etc).

Example : 

/*Custom output using SWTML xml , change outputformat value to "table" to show default table output */
 define outputformat := swtml ;
 define swtml-xml :=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><composite style="SWT.BORDER">

        <grid-data h-align="SWT.FILL" v-align="SWT.FILL" h-grab="true" v-grab="true" />

        <grid-layout numcolumns="2" />
          <label text="Page ID" />

         <text  id="page_id" style="SWT.BORDER" >
         <grid-data h-align="SWT.FILL" h-grab="true"  />

       <label text="Page Text" >  <grid-data v-align="SWT.TOP"  /> </label>

        <text  id="pagetext" style="SWT.BORDER | SWT.MULTI | SWT.V_SCROLL">
        <grid-data h-align="SWT.FILL" v-align="SWT.FILL" h-grab="true" v-grab="true" />

        <grid-data h-align="SWT.FILL" h-grab="true" h-span="2" />

         <row-layout />    
        <button text="First" SWT.Selection="com.sheelapps.plugin.dbexplorer.output.FirstRowListener" />       

<button text="Previous" SWT.Selection="com.sheelapps.plugin.dbexplorer.output.PreviousRowListener" />
        <button text="Next" SWT.Selection="com.sheelapps.plugin.dbexplorer.output.NextRowListener" />       

<button text="Last" SWT.Selection="com.sheelapps.plugin.dbexplorer.output.LastRowListener" />
         <label text="${sql} took ${execution-time} secs." />

    </composite> ;

SELECT page_id, pagetext FROM wb_pages  ;


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