WebBlocks Smarty Functions

 WebBlocks has following "core" smarty functions to support development of WebBlocks pages.

Page-related Functions :

{includepage} - Includes content of other WebBlocks pages into current page.

{listpages} - List all pages in a pagegroup.

{listgroups} - List all pagegroup in WebBlocks system.

{insertmedia} - Create link to media (images/js) from "media" folder.

Database-related Functions :

{selectSQL} - Run select SQL on and returns smarty variable with records.

{insertSQL} - Insert data in database table.

{updateSQL} - Update data in database table.

{deleteSQL} - Delete data in database table.

{recordSet} - Provides pagination of data.

Utility Functions :

{email} - Send email

{actionlog} - Store message in log table.

 {encrypt} - Provide data encryption.

{decrypt}  - Provides data decryption.

{assign_array} - Helper function to create smarty array object.

HTML Form Functions :  

 {createform} - Create HTML form using WebBlocks's Form XML definition.